All my films are like children to me.
They are my children.
Some of them are less worthwhile, some are criminal.

John Zaritsky

Just Another Missing Kid , 1981

After the failed efforts by the U.S. and Canadian police to solve the disappearance of Ottawa resident Eric Wilson, his family hires a private investigator to discover what happened to their child.

Tears Are Not Enough , 1985

The behind-the-scenes recording of the African relief hit song “Tears Are Not Enough”, featuring a star cast of participating Canadian music royalty.

Romeo & Juliet in Sarajevo , 1994

After their attempted escape from the chaos in the former Yugoslavia, a real-life Shakespearean drama evolves around the bodies of a Serbian boy and a Muslim girl found gunned down on a Sarajavan bridge.

Ski Bums , 2001

A loving portrait of Whistler’s hardcore ski bum subculture.

The Suicide Tourist , 2007

Two couples travel to Switzerland to take advantage of that country’s assisted suicide law.

Wild Horse Redemption , 2007

Hardened criminals at a Colorado prison take part in a program that teaches them how to train wild mustangs, forging relationships where their rehabilitation becomes mutually entwined.

Leave Them Laughing , 2010

A musical comedy about dying.